Our Colorado Springs Personal Injury Law Firm is dedicated to getting results that you want. We make sure our representation is client-centered.

Why choose Malnar Law?


The Malnar Law mission is to set a higher standard for the legal profession. We care about people.

Malnar Law is built on passion for helping people. Insurance companies are an adversary when they refuse to settle or even negotiate. Malnar Law tenaciously pursues each case to receive fair compensation.
With Malnar Law, you have leverage. We believe in getting results! Malnar Law has extensive trial experience; we are dedicated to diligently pursuing every case. The insurance companies know that Malnar Law is a wild card that aggressively negotiates.  We litigate on YOUR terms, and will reach a settlement through strong negotiation or litigation.

Ryan Malnar has been serving as a litigation attorney for 10 years and the last 7 years in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ryan Malnar personally consults with each client and provides prompt legal analysis as the case develops. We also have a team of paralegals that personally help your case as needed. When you call us, we remember your name and help you personally!

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Fast and quality communication with our clients is valuable to us. When you call us, we’ll pick up the phone right  away or respond to your texts or email promptly. We are not a big law firm with 100’s of employees. Our small company takes each case seriously; we know your name when you call.

Call, text, email or stop by anytime. We are committed to your case & health.


We believe technology can help settle your case quickly. Our online case management software is easy to use: you can message us, view your case files and check the status of your settlement at any time.

Our specialized software tool enables you, your doctor, the insurance company and your attorney to document & view your case at any time.

Our Results

Bicycle Accident

Client was riding bicycle and hit a moving vehicle at an intersection. Other party blamed our client for the collision.

Our Result

Case settled for $45,000 within 8 months.

Other Law Firm got $0

Client was rear-ended by another driver. There was little property damage and no police report documenting the party at fault and the injury. After almost 3 years with another law firm and no offers on the table, Client hired Ryan Malnar. The case was litigated for another 9 months and the insurance company hired 3 different experts for trial. Mr. Malnar was able to rebut their reports prior to trial.

Our Result

The insurance paid the full policy limits.

Witness blamed our client

Client hit another driver making a left hand turn at an intersection.  The other driver and a witness claimed that the other driver had a green arrow to turn left and our client was at fault. Neither party was ticketed by the police officer due to conflicting witness statements. Both parties sustained injuries. Our client had $12k in medical charges.

Our Result

Insurance company paid full policy limits of $50k.

Other attorneys would not take the case

Client fell in a pothole in the parking lot of a local coffee shop and sustained injuries. Client had $12k in medical charges and spent a year and a half looking for an attorney willing to take her case. Client hired Malnar Law, PC four months before the statute of limitations.

Our Result

Insurance company paid over $30k the week before the statute of limitations.

Malnar Law Testimonials

Emily Hinkle

Ryan Malnar is hard working, dedicated and caring. He will do everything to defend his client. Working with him was a great experience.

Sonya Yslas

Mr Malnar was amazing! Excellent in his practice, he is friendly, professional and extremely proficient. Prompt at responding in every time of need. Couldn't have chose a better attorney to represent me! Cannot stress enough how pleased I am with this practice.


The financial cost of a car wreck adds to the pain and suffering that follows. My car was total loss  and the financial expenses were greater than I could have ever expected they would be. Immediately after my car accident, and for several weeks afterwards, I was in shock. I was in emotional distress and feeling afraid.  Dealing with my insurance company was exacerbating my stress level.  Seeking help from Mr. Malnar is one of the best decisions I've ever made.  His  knowledge and determination minimized my worries.   Thanks to his expert advice I am on the road to recovery & I...

Claud Boyd

Your staff did a great job. The thing with me, time is important. Thank you very much. Thank for you the help with the car accident.

Craig J. Mount

Malnar Law is one of the best lawyers in Colorado Springs. It's so nice having an attorney who isn't afraid to go to court if necessary. I've seen several attorney's on commercials who aren't nearly as thorough as Ryan, and are more willing to settle out of court because it's easy. I would highly recommend anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer (after a car accident or otherwise) to at least call Ryan. The consultation really helps clear up any ambiguity and it's so nice to have direction. Ryan cares, and that really helps when you are going through a stressful situation....

Tony Patalano

Ryan is a dedicated hard working lawyer, who truly cares about his clientele. any questions or concerns I had he immediately was able to provide accurate answers, he's the guy I want in my corner!

Sheldon Stegman

I recommend Malnar Law for your legal problems. Ryan has advised me on several different issues I have been facing. He is very prompt and doesn't waste your time. If I am ever in a car accident, I will call Ryan Malnar.

Chip Odell

Honest, insightful, and caring. This is the lawyer for you.

Javier Dominguez

(Translated by Google) It is very good lawyer and Spanish Abla (Original) es muy buen abogado y abla espanol

Doug Allen

Excellent Lawyer. Ryan is an excellent personal injury lawyer and is one of the best you will find in the courtroom!


Efficient and effective. I hired my lawyer to resolve a traffic ticket for going 16 mph over. He took the case, went to the scene that day and coached me through the process to get the ticket reduced. He didn't waste my time and answered all of my questions the same day. He got my ticket reduced to a small fine with zero points...so nothIng goes on my record and my insurance didn't go up. Ryan was everything I needed in an attorney.


Lawyer who cares. Ryan is a dedicated hard working lawyer, who truly cares about his clientele. any questions or concerns I had he immediately was able to provide accurate answers, he's the guy I want in my corner!


Advice. thank you so much Ryan for your information and your advice I really do appreciate it! If I should ever need an attorney in your field you will be the first one I come to! thanks for your honesty and your commitment to your clients I will recommend you to all my friends!!!


Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorney Malnar Law is without question one of the best personal injury lawyers in Colorado Springs. It takes all of a 5 minute conversation with Ryan to get that he knows the ins and outs around something sticky like a car accident. If you ever need help, or even a consultation. Call Ryan. He cares and is willing to go to court if necessary. I can't stress how important that is. I've seen a lot of attorney's who are more willing to settle out of court for a lower settlement because it is easier. That's the best part about Malnar Law. You really...


Experienced. I give him a five star because of the knowledge he has. He knows what he's talking about and has the experience that anyone is looking for. If you are searching for a lawyer that will get you a great result in your trial you won't regret your decision.


Awesome. Ryan Malner represented me during my Court Martial. He was the ultimate professional who had my best interest as well as my family's best interest at heart. You will not find a lawyer more dedicated to you and your case then this man right here. He's a hard charger who knows the in and outs of the court system. If your looking for a lawyer who will dedicate his time and sole focus on you then this is an you want to represent you. I would recommend him to anyone in the world.

Rosanny Del Carmen

The financial cost of a car wreck adds to the pain and suffering that follows. My car was total loss and the financial expenses were greater than I could have ever expected they would be. Immediately after my car accident, and for weeks afterwards, I was in shock. I was in emotional distress and feeling afraid. Dealing with my insurance company was exacerbating my stress level. Seeking help from Mr. Malnar is one of the best decisions I've ever made. His knowledge and determination minimized my worries. Thanks to his expert advice I am on the road to recovery & I was timely...

Anthony Patalano

Ryan is a dedicated lawyer who truly cares about his clientele. Was very patient with all my questions and concerns, he's the guy I want in my corner!

Carl Webb

Ryan was very helpful on evaluating our injury/ auto accident case thoroughly. I would recommend for any future injury cases.

Rek Lee

Ryan works hard. Discusses options. Is available for questions. He met and went beyond expectations.

Jhie Broqueza

I was went to car accident last of year of October 29 2016, and I call ryan to help me in my car accident, ive been suffer in couple months because of pain, but ryan did everything to help me to get better, ryan is the best to call when it comes to accident because, he will do everything to get you better.

Richard Riddle

Although my case wasn't a personal injury claim, Mr. Malnar agreed to represent me on another matter. I was very impressed with the Professional Attorney Services provided by Mr. Malnar and his firm. From the ease of uploading documents important to my case on the firm website, the prompt communication from Mr. Malnar regarding my questions, and the representation in court, I was glad Malnar Law was on my team. I was also very impressed with the promptness of the billing and the fairness of the expenses. I didn't feel as if I over-billed or nickeled and dimed for every phone call...

Allan Milemon

5 stars! Allan Milemon

Jeff Fox

I was involved in a automobile accident in March 2017. While stopped in traffic waiting for the light to turn green I was rear ended at full speed by a distracted driver. A friend recommended Ryan Malnar to me to take care of things. From my first meeting until the last, Ryan and his team have thoroughly impressed me with their compassion and willingness to work to get me exceptional results. Ryan will work to get you the maximum amount possible. My case was resolved in 12 months. I would definitely recommend Ryan Malnar to my friends and family! V. Fox  Jeff...

Colorado 10 Best Personal Injury Attorney


How does a personal injury claim work?

First, it is important to take a deep breath and relax. Thousands of people hire personal injury attorneys everyday. A personal injury claim is not as complicated as you may think.

Choose the right personal injury attorney

The next item on your todo list is choosing the right personal injury attorney. The Malnar Law Firm has numerous 5 star reviews, has 10+ years of experience, and was rated as a 10 Best Attorney for Colorado in 2017 by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys. Contact us today. We pick up the phone or respond quickly via email. When you reach out to us, you’ll speak to Ryan Malnar, and he’ll give you a genuine legal opinion about your case. You won’t be passed on to a paralegal or junior attorney at the Malnar Law Firm.

Negotiation & litigation

If we can help you with your case, we’ll use all the information you give us to submit your claim. Factors like insurance details, police reports, and the specific injuries you have are all factors that go into determining the amount of money you could receive. The defendant (most likely the insurance company), will then respond to our claim. Ryan Malnar is respected as fierce negotiator and often is able to to settle claims out of court for personal injury cases.  However, Malnar Law Firm is not afraid to take your case to court to ensure that you get the most money for you or your family’s injuries.  Throughout this process, you’ll need to start your road to recovery with healthcare visits to ensure that your injuries are well documented


Once your case is settled, a check from the insurance company is received by your personal injury attorney. Mr. Malnar does not get paid attorney’s fees unless he wins your case in court or you settle the case. Your settlement will also assist with taking care of your medical bills. The rest of the money goes directly to you. This money is non-taxable, and may be spent anyway you like.

The Malnar Law Firm Difference

What should you know about seeking legal representation from Malnar Law Firm vs other personal injury law firms?

Personal Service from an Attorney

At the Malnar Law Firm, we believe in:

  1. Taking your case seriously. Ryan Malnar handles your case personally, not a paralegal or assistant.
  2. Listening to you.  Call us, keep up with your case online or stop by our office for caring assistance and help.
  3. Developing a strategy specific to your case. Your story is important. Every accident is different and your unique situation will handled in the best way specific to your circumstances.
  4. Mr. Malnar is comfortable in the courtroom and handles the case from start to finish even if it requires litigation. Many attorneys hire Malnar Law, P.C. when they can’t get a result on their cases.

Free Consultations

Reputable personal injury attorneys will consult with you and work on your case without upfront legal fees. They only get paid when you get paid. This is called being paid on ‘contingency fee’ basis. If a personal injury lawyer wants to charge you up-front, discuss your case with Malnar Law, P.C. first.

Quality Legal Help

After a car accident or personal injury, many victims delay in seeking help from an attorney, either out of fear or misinformation. A lawyer can help you receive the full amount of money from the insurance company. Remember: the insurance company is NOT on your side. The money you need to recover physically and financially is your right to have. An attorney like Ryan Malnar will deal with the insurance companies, coordinate medical care and file claims for damages, all with no upfront fees. In many cases, an attorney will substantially increase the amount of money you receive in a car accident or personal injury claim.