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Do you need a smart, determined Dog Bite Injury Attorney to represent you. We can help. A dog bite or an animal attack can cause injury to your body, or cause mental or emotional distress. A dog or animal’s owner is required to restrain their animal. If a person knowingly owns an animal that has an aggressive history, the owner can be held legally responsible for any aggressive actions the animal takes.

Additional accountable parties includes animal care facilities, handlers or even landlords who have tenants that harbor vicious animals.


Frequently asked questions about animal attacks


What does the victim need to prove in the event of an animal attack?

There are numerous defenses in an animal attack case. These cases can be some of the trickiest to litigate. Here are some common ways that an animal attack case could fall apart:

  1. Were you teasing or threatening the animal?
  2. Did the dog attack you because it was protecting its owner?
  3. Was the dog protecting its owner’s property, while you were somewhere you shouldn’t have been?

Animal attacks are similar to other personal injury claims. Quite simply, if you provoked the dog’s attack, you’re at fault. Of course, if the attack was unprovoked, you may have a case.

How is an animal attack claim paid out?

Similar to other personal injury claims, insurance policies can pay a victim for damages related to animal attacks. Homeowners insurance or other types of insurance may cover animal attacks. If the attack was from a police dog, the municipal government may be held responsible for the injuries resulting from an attack. As a last option, the dog’s owner may be personally responsible for the injuries and resulting costs.


Why hire a personal injury attorney?

Some victims don’t think a personal injury lawyer is necessary if an animal attacks them. A personal injury attorney has the required skills and qualifications to help a person navigate the complicated world of animal attacks and the law.

Victims of personal injuries should never be embarrassed to seek help. A good personal injury attorney will never charge upfront for their services; a lawyer’s job is simply to help you recover and get the best settlement possible for your injuries.


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